Customer Testimonials

At Phillips Energy we greatly appreciate it when our customers write to us telling us about a job well done. Would you like to share your comments about a recent fuel delivery, installation, or service visit? Contact us now and tell us. We hope you enjoy reading the customer testimonials below. 

I had a tankless water heater installed and was very satisfied. Accurate Estimate, prompt, courteous and timely service. I highly recommend Phillips for any service they provide.

James T., Mathews

I'd like to recognize all the gentlemen that work at Phillips Energy in Hayes. Every time I go there one of the kind service men always offers to pump my gas for me whenever they can. I am a mother of three small children and I sincerely appreciate their extra effort to help make my life a little easier. It is a good place and I try to always fill up there because of the extra effort that they make for me and my family. I feel like it is my "personal" gas station and I think they are a blessing to the community they serve. Thanks Phillips!

Christina L., Gloucester

Just wanted to let you know that your company provides the best customer service in the state of Virginia! Your technicians are very attentive and the new Rinnai they installed has already paid for itself in just a year. I would not get propane from anywhere else, the Gasoline Pumps are very convenient and the Pump Station Attendants are friendly. Couldn't ask for a better "One Stop Shop!"

Cory K., Gloucester

Dear Elizabeth and John:
First, we would like to thank both of you and your employees for such wonderful service for these past eleven years.

John, when you came to our home the very first time after we purchased the property, you came within a half hour of us calling and you greeted us with the biggest smile. lf you don't think that the half hour response and the smile meant would be wrong. That kind of hometown service is why we have never looked elsewhere for our home energy needs.

Elizabeth, you have always been equally as kind and polite as your brother. When we were putting the addition on our home, you fully explained the different gas rock/log options available. Also, when we not so happy with have a prebuy on fuel and the fuel prices dropped, you were sympathetic and fair with us on the issue.

Aside from how great we think you are, there is another reason for our note. lt is to tell you that we just met Jonathan Miller who came to service our old oil furnace on Thursday. He represented your company very nicely. He came promptly, with a smile and took the time to introduce himself to both of us. You have added yet another valuable person to your staff. Thank you for all you do for us and for the community.

Sandy and Mac., Gloucester

We are so happy that we took advantage of your heating and air conditioning maintenance plan. We needed you two time and the high quality service we received lived up to expectations. You sent out smart, efficient technicians (Jonathan is great) who diagnosed the problems, found the parts, and completed the repairs in short order. I am now recommending your service to all my friends. Every homeowner will benefit from Phillips Heating and air conditioning service.

Bill V., Gloucester

Phillips Oil has served my family since the 60's. As their offerings have increased, so have the services we receive. The "Phillips Family" has lived up to its motto to keep "your family" comfortable.

Dorothy C., Gloucester

Phillips Energy,
Thank you for working hard to find & fix the problem with our Water Heater.
Good Job!

Tim B. Gloucester, VA

Everybody Says 'Hello', Well, here it is the 1st of September and most folks think it is time for us to quit slouching and get back to work. This brings me to where lam right now. Those folks down at Phillips don't hardly know the meaning of the word 'slouch'. I do believe that when they get to work their feet are running. Especially that tall fellow with glasses. Every time I see him, lam surprised that he doesn't come out of his shoes, he is just always moving and fast {and friendly). I know that more than once he has bent over backwards to help me out and that one of those times was very, very meaning to me and I will a lways be gratefu l. Thank You again John. But to get back to my original greeting.

You know in the TV show 'Cheers'. Every time someone comes in the place they all say'Hi' by their first name. Well, not everyone knows my first name but evervone says 'Hi, How Are You Toddy' , even if they don't know your name. Very friendly and makes you feel welcomed (and not cause you are just paying your bill, they really mean it). Ever since last February when I lost my Ieft leg I have had to call up to take care of my bill. Even though I can't see the person I am talking to I can hear them smiling and just being pleasant over the phone. Sort of makes my day. l really can't wait to get back on my feet to come back to your place mainly because there at Phillips, there are the prettiest bunch of Ladies in Gloucester County.

Too bad they are all married. :D Well, I suppose I have said enough for right now. I hope that you folks have a wonderful Fall Season and Thanks for being the Friendliest place around.